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New here

Hi I just joined, im new to the internet side of all this. I have really been enjoying reading all the posts on livejournal and wanted a community to join. I really like the idea of the this one because its uk. Here are my stats (im so ashamed)
Im 5'7"
HW 143 lbs
CW 136 lbs
LW 128 lbs
GW 110 lbs
I really need some encouragement regarding will power im having real trouble being at university with all the stupid pizza parties and things. Hopefully i can make some friends here and share ideas. Ive been ana/mia for as long as i can remember. Im 18 now, its been at least 7 years. I think at the moment my state of mind is more like ana but im probably mia because im so useless and always end up binging and purging!
Hope to be in touch with you all soon!
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