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ana_in_the_uk's Journal

Beautiful, only slightly mental.
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This is a community for anyone with an eating disorder, regardless of location.

I won't say that we are "pro-ED". A cancer patient wouldn't claim to be "pro-cancer". If you've got it, you've got it, if you don't, then leave us be.

1. Respect other members. Debate is accepted and even encouraged, but any unprovoked hostility will not be tolerated.
2. Don't ask for tips. Seeking advice is alright, but if you have an eating disorder it is assumed that you know how it works.
3. Pictures are MORE than welcome, but if you're going to post excessive amounts use an lj-cut (the FAQ is a wonderful thing).
4. Upon joining, please post an introduction, don't just skulk about in the shadows.
5. Good grammar is always appreciated.
6. It's best if you stay on topic, but acceptions might be made.

All posts are moderated, but comments are not. Report any violations to your mod, liquid_quaalude. This can be done here.

Make suggestions for the community here.

My names nicole and Im the new mod...I will be doing alot of work on this comm..in the next few days!!!
you cna always IM me on AOL at - aurora04pilot anytime!!!!