Knee-coal (liquid_quaalude) wrote in ana_in_the_uk,


So a few months ago there was a photo taken of me and my little sister..
well my sister tells me today that my cousin was looking at it and telling my mother that I look anorexic and I need to be locked away and all this shit...
for one thing this said cousin is FAT and Im not saying that to be mean or anything..its just a fact that she is.
I also love how all the sudden people who dont know jack about an eating dissorder all the sudden seem to magically get their Phd!! and become a doctor!!!

How do you gals cope with family like this?

For almost 2 weeks I have been eating under 300 cals a day...I will be staying with my father till I move back to Im a bit worried he will notice...

Today I went and used a friends scale...its a actually $250 scale!!! It can even measure your heart rate from your bare feet!! its buts...but dead acurate...
as it turns out the scale in my house is old and WRONG...I weight less than I thought...
Im down to 109 from 121....
I KNOW I have so much more to go....but it just staying strong...can work!!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and your gals support means SOOOO much!!!!

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